Thursday, October 4, 2012

Advanced Photo Editing Now Available for Custom Pendants

Do you have a photograph where one person looks fabulous but the rest of the picture is not so great? Do the other people have their eyes closed or are making a funny face? Is the person not the centre of attention but rather off to the side (see example above)? Is there something distracting or unappealing in the picture?

I am now offering a new photo editing service to turn those crappy photographs into beautiful pendants.

I can:
* remove person from the photo and place against studio style background
* remove red-eye, scratches and other photo imperfections
* remove distracting elements from the photo
* bump up the color and contrast to make a more striking image
* and much much more

Perfect option for pet pendants!

Visit my Etsy store FMHS Jewelry for all your custom pendant options.